The Races

Let The Cotswold Chauffeur take the stress out of traveling to your chosen race event.

We can create a tailored travel package for your special day out at The Races, to give you the peace of mind to start and end your day in comfort. Whether you are booking for a girls day-out at one of the famous ‘Ladies' Day’, or a friends and family trip for a special occasion, we can tailor a travel plan, specifically for you and your party at a range of popular racecourses.

Our driver will pick you up at either one main location or multiple pick-ups to set you on your way. Once on the road, sit back and relax, as you are driven in style to your chosen destination.
On arrival you have the option of your party being dropped as close to the main entrance as possible*, or alternatively attend one of the nominated car parks in the near vicinity** 
*Our driver will arrange a time and a pickup location (usually the same place as you have been dropped off if possible), to ensure you know where to go once the day has ended
** Responsibility of car park booking, is at the discretion of your booking coordinator

If attending one of the car parks, your driver will remain with the vehicle for the duration of the race day, allowing you the opportunity for a picnic* around the vehicle and also security for any items you wish to leave on-board. This is also a safe haven for anyone requiring a break from the day’s activities.
*Catering can also be provided on a per-head basis, (This can be discussed as part of the 
 booking process)
For your return, Once everyone is on-board, you'll be driven back to either a single location or multiple drop off points in style and comfort, to end your day just as it began.

Major Events
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A day at The Races – A handy guide
We've created this checklist to help you get your day off to a great start, and enjoy your day to its fullest: -
  • Remember your tickets - if you've already got your passes for the racecourse, keep them handy!
  • Dress code - are you looking the part? Make sure you've got the right attire for attending your chosen event 
  • Cash - Keep your money close and plentiful, as you'll probably need it! It may be advisable to withdraw cash before you get to the racecourse, to save time, and also to save the £2.95 charge for withdrawals inside the concourse
  • Keep your stake money in one pocket and your winnings in another. This will ensure that you’re only betting with the stake money you are happy to, ‘lose’, while protecting anything you are lucky enough to win! 
  • Nominate a party coordinator - make sure you choose someone to arrange the pick-up point and time with the driver, and exchange telephone numbers to make sure you can call your driver if anything changes during your race day.
  • Medical Allergies - although it may sound silly, consider any medication or allergy needs - especially hay fever sufferers?
  • Keep any inhalers or allergy medicine close to you, so as not to ruin your day, as well as any insect repellent and antihistamine cream, (wasps love Pimms also!)
  • Don't forget the sunscreen!
Dress code:
Please remember, especially those women attending specialist ‘Ladies' day’ events, that there are strict rules and guidelines around dress code. We suggest that you check the various courses websites in advance, to avoid any disappointment on the day itself.
Ascot: - Dress code
Bath: - Dress code
Cheltenham: - Dress code
Goodwood: - Dress code
Newbury: - Dress code
Sandown: - Dress code
Stratford-on-Avon: - Dress code
Warwick: - Dress code
Windsor: - Dress code
Worcester: - Dress code
  • Some parts of the racecourse will allow alcohol to be taken in, however, other sections do not. 
  • We suggest you check the racecourse’s FAQ’s, to find out whether you can take alcohol into the various racecourses or not, to avoid any disappointment on the day       
  • Don’t be too fast out of the gates. A day at the races is an assault on the senses and it’s all too easy to get caught up in the moment, clearing the first hurdle and falling at the second! It’s a long day, pace yourself and ensure that you and those with you, enjoy every minute of the day to the fullest.
Sporting events

Guide return rates to popular race tracks

  • Ascot - £220
  • Bath - £220
  • Cheltenham - £200
  • Goodwood - £290
  • Newbury - £200
  • Sandown - £260
  • Stratford-on-Avon - £200
  • Warwick - £220
  • Windsor - £220
  • Worcester - £220

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